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The Chef on the Roseland is a new style of catering offering up everything from gourmet canapés and bespoke dinner parties to event catering and ‘holiday at home’.

Try this new style of bespoke gourmet catering, and be part of the newest trend in food, haute cuisine in your home.
Haydn is passionate about great food and everything associated with creating the perfect occasion a delicious meal with friends and family.

A good chef has the power to make people truly happy with their food, and that’s what Haydn aims to do, by making every meal an experience to remember. Using only the best local ingredients and seasonal produce available where ever possible right here on the Roseland.

Haydn’s dream is to bring the highest standard of cooking associated with the best fine dining establishments in the comfort of your own home or private venue. Whether you would like a romantic meal for two or a six course dinner party for twenty. Haydn is dedicated to making your event a success. Haydn is happy to provide sample taster dishes for you to try beforehand and offer you a menu specific to all your dietary requirements such as vegetarian, low fat or gluten free.

You can take time and relax with your friends while he takes all the stress and pressure of shopping, cooking and even the washing up!

It is with Haydn’s passion, knowledge and experience that ensures your dining experience will be innovative, elegant and unique.


About The Chef

Haydn’s Background

Haydn is a professionally trained personal chef with over 25 years of experience in restaurants, hotel’s and private residencies in the UK. He studied at catering college, classically trained,

Haydn went on to work in London and Cambridge. He has held many senior positions, working for Fiona Herbert as head chef and senior chef at the prestigious Nare Hotel in Cornwall.

After years of restaurant experience honing his skills and taste, Haydn’s vision was to bring fine dining into people’s homes so he began his personal chef service, he has gained an exceptional reputation locally here on the Roseland and further afield which continues to grow from strength to strength.


...great food and everything associated with creating the perfect occasion a delicious meal with friends and family.